February 16, 2016

Our Board

John Sneed

John Sneed has been a Middle Tennessee resident for over 30 years, with the last 20 years being here in Murfreesboro. He lives here with his wife, Holly, who serves local breast cancer survivors through her involvement with our county’s After Breast Cancer support group, as coordinator of the ABC Wig Bank, and as the manager of the recently opened ‘Pretty in Pink Boutique’ store and supplier for cancer patients. John and Holly are the proud parents of five wonderful and beautiful daughters.

John is a local businessman and sales channel executive with over twenty years of experience in the IT and banking technology fields. As well, he is a former US Army officer and combat veteran of two tours in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The combination of his professional and military occupations has provided him with significant experience in operations, communications, leadership, and management.

Locally, John is very involved with a number of organizations and ministries due to his strong belief that we all have an obligation to serve others where and when we are able.

In his spare time, John enjoys playing music with his church’s worship team, by himself, or around town with other musicians. His other hobbies include travelling, golf, hunting, fishing, biking, and various other outdoors activities.

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Ariana Postlethwait, MSW, PhD

Vice President
​Dr. Ariana Postlethwait is a social worker and Associate Professor at Middle Tennessee State University. Dr. P, as her students call her, has been at the MTSU Department of Social Work since 2012 when she and her husband, Charles Postlethwait, moved to the area. Charles is self-employed and a handyman extraordinaire (Think McGyver, if you are old enough to know who the heck that is). They have a dog, Ozzy Osborne Postlethwait. Ozzy enjoys eating rabbit poop (nature’s candy), rolling in cat poop (nature’s perfume), barking at pedestrians, eating, being petted and chasing his tail.

​Ariana was hired to teach the majority of the research and statistics classes at the graduate and undergraduate level at the MTSU Social Work Department. She loves data and social work and combining the two to improve the lives of people in need within the community—it is exactly why she went back to school to earned her PhD in 2005 and she is now living the dream at MTSU. Ariana has over 20 years of experience in conducting program evaluations for social services agencies and collaborating with community organizations to improve how they collect and manage information to address agency concerns such as client needs, client outcomes, and gaps in services.

​For fun, Ariana enjoys quality time with friends and family, meditation, yoga, reading, Snapchat, and being artsy/crafty. She is currently honing her skills at doing nothing and is also looking forward to teaching a new course in the summer titled How to Live a Wonderful Life.

Mary Reeves

Mary Mannon Reeves is a native Tennessean, growing up in Tullahoma, where she was active in the community. A professional journalist, Mary has worked at numerous papers, the most recent being The Daily News Journal. She has been an award-winning columnist, reporter, editor and photographer for more than 20 years and is currently pursuing freelance opportunities. She and her husband Terry, a retired engineer, moved to Murfreesboro three years ago with their youngest son, Michael (Buzz), a senior at Riverdale High. They have two other sons: Scott, a contract surveyor with Google and a professional artist; and Ben, a US Airman based in Japan. Mary has covered many subjects in her journalism career, but her favorites remain stories that help people, from Red Cross blood drives to storm recovery. Her article about the mental health issues at the Rutherford County Jail published in 2015 was a finalist for the Associate Press in Tennessee’s Malcolm Law Award, a prestigious honor bestowed in news stories that make a difference in the community.

Making a difference in the community is important to the Reeves family. Terry has served as a Meals on Wheels driver in the past and Mary was a volunteer for a help hotline in Tullahoma. She has also taught Sunday school and vacation Bible school classes in the past and was on the Man Council at Rhodes College in Memphis, where she assisted in helping other students with a complex, two-year long course of study about the role of religion in Western civilization. From regularly donating blood to helping distribute food to those in need, they do what they can to help where they can.

In her spare time, Mary enjoys reading, puzzles and painting and hopes to have a show in her hometown in the spring.

Kris McCusker

Board Member
Kris McCusker is a San Francisco native and has lived in Murfreesboro for 16 years. She is a professor of history at MTSU, a professionally trained ethnomusicologist, and author of multiple books and articles. She is an active member of St. Pauls Episcopal Church and has volunteered for Read to Succeed, Alive Hospice, and Coldest Nights. She is married to Larry Puzzo and has two awesome daughters.

Amber Hampton

Board Member
Amber graduated summa cum laude with her Bachelor's degree in Global Studies from the Honors College at MTSU. During her time in college, she spent her summers in El Salvador working with children in high-risk areas for gang violence. While planning to move to El Salvador full-time, she began building friendships with those experiencing homelessness in her community. It was here that she began to meet and work with survivors of trafficking. She noticed the work to be done in her own community, and began working directly on the ground level with those who had experienced trauma.

She worked as the Missions and Community Service Coordinator for a non-denominational church in Murfreesboro, where she built partnerships with local nonprofits, built volunteer teams, developed training materials, and led trips to Central and South America. Upon finishing her Master's degree, she transitioned into crisis counseling for youth and worked as a medical social worker for Vanderbilt University.

She graduated in 2015 from the University of Tennessee College of Social Work with her Master's degree in Evidence Based Interpersonal Practice and a graduate certificate in the Treatment of Trauma. She is certified in EMDR and TF-CBT. She currently co-leads Murfreesboro Cold Patrol, a community organization dedicated to working directly to find solutions and build relationships with those experiencing homelessness.

In her spare time she enjoys running, traveling to visit her friends across the globe, and hanging out in the woods and under bridges with her street family.

Andrew Rose

Board Member
Andrew Rose, a co-founder of the Murfreesboro Cold Patrol, is a five-year resident of Middle Tennessee. His experiences growing up on the south side of Chicago and currently working in public service have opened his eyes to a deep void in people. Filling that void by sharing God's love with other's has become his calling. Serving his community by volunteering his time, his strength and his love allows him to fulfill the purpose to which he believes God has called him. The power of a "no strings attached, come as you are" kind of love is seen in the countless relationships he has built with the less fortunate in his community. As a follower of the Way (Jesus), Andrew firmly believes that love conquers all things through faith. The many hours he gives to help others speak of his commitment to walk out his faith through servanthood.

Andrew is a dedicated husband and father, serving his family as well. In his spare time, he enjoys playing disc golf, spending time with family and friends and, of course, eating tacos!

Daniel Gaines

Board Member
Daniel Gaines, a native to Middle Tennessee, arrived in Murfreesboro in 2014 as a man experiencing homelessness for the first time. The streets are rough and he and his fiancé, Kimberly, found that out the hard way, as they spent their days just trying to survive. They met some volunteers with the Murfreesboro Cold Patrol (MCP) who walked beside them, loving unconditionally and giving them hope. After a year of living on the streets, Daniel and Kimberly moved into an apartment of their own.

Daniel has maintained full-time employment from that time until the present. Although he works very hard to never go back to being homeless, he refuses to put his past completely behind him. Memories of those hard times fuel his passion to help those currently experiencing homelessness. Volunteering with MCP allows him to turn that difficult time in his life into something useful and beneficial to others. He understands the pain, fear, anger and hopelessness of living on the streets. He carries a deep understanding and compassion for those he serves. Most of all, he knows the power of loving without limits. It’s life changing.

When he’s not volunteering with the homeless community, he can be found watching sports (mainly football), hiking, playing disc golf or playing video games. Of course, spending time with his sweetheart, Kimberly, is his favorite pastime.

John Mack Green

Board Member
JOHN MACK GREEN of Murfreesboro is a former sole practitioner whose general practice included civil and criminal litigation, business organizations, family law, and civil rights issues of social justice. Mr. Green earned his B.S. degree from MTSU and his J.D. degree from the Vanderbilt University School of Law. He maintains licensure in Tennessee and is a member of the Rutherford/Cannon County (past President) and Tennessee (past Chair, Solo and Small-Firm Practitioners Section) Bar Associations.

Though not practicing full-time these days, John Mack doesn’t refer to himself as “retired”, but rather as “Funemployed”, also devoting time to his lifelong passions of drumming and acting (both stage and screen). Much of his time is also contributed to representing and protecting the civil and social rights of our immigrant and refugee communities in Middle Tennessee.

Melissa Offlin

Board Member
Melissa was born in Jacksonville, Fl to a career naval officer and spent the majority of her childhood traveling the world. She moved to Rutherford County in June of 1993 with her husband and Children. They lived in Smyrna for 8 years and moved to Murfreesboro in 2001. She has spent time working as a bank teller, office manager at an insurance company, pre-k teacher, educational assistant and caregiver for the elderly. She studied social work at MTSU, but did not finish due to health reasons. She is a former member of The Daughters of the Republic of Texas, DAR and Beta Sigma sorority. she's taught Sunday School, worked with the youth and served on the administrative board of churches. she previously served on the board of directors for the Tennessee anti death penalty. (TADP)

She and her husband John have been married for 37 years and have 2 children and 2 grandsons. Her hobbies include reading, cooking and traveling.