March 2016 Update



Thank you so much for supporting us with your donations. We cannot do what we do with out you sharing your resources with us. We have noticed an increase in the number of homeless individuals, especially in the last month.


In the month of march we distributed 15 tents, 18 sleeping bags, 2 propane heaters, 22 propane canisters, 10 blankets, 22-$5 fast food cards, 7-$10 fast food cards, 3-$25 gas cards, 46 care packs, 6 tarps, 6 new pairs of boots! For a total of $2519 in donations distributed! Awesome! Thank you so much!

We also produced a handbook which included a resource list, and held a training for navigating that resource list. 3 of us attended an advanced outreach training course which we will be able to bring to our team in the near future. We were also given the opportunity to testify as character and expert witnesses in a child custody trial. The winter shelter season officially closes today, March 31. And the “Sack Lunch” portion of our outreach kicks back off tomorrow, April 1! We were also featured, along with Doors of Hope and Habitat For Humanity, in a presentation at MTSU’s “Scholar’s Week” this month, as part of a presentation on homelessness in Murfreesboro.


Again, thank you for partnering with us!